Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flowing into Autumn (Work in Progress)

I started a new painting for fall. Here is the drawing.

The underpainting. Wow. What a mess that looks like huh?
This is my third repainting of the underpainting. I'm trying to
match the hazy grey background of my reference photo. I think
this is it!
Underpainted the background leaves.

Stared adding basic trunks and branches.

Adding color.

Underpainted the foreground and started punching up
the background color (red this session).
Blended in the foreground some and added another layer of highlights
to the leaves. I'm going to have to start on the rocks and water soon.

It's time to start the stream and the area around it 
so I figured I should do some practice streams first.
Started blocking in the rocks and the waterfalls.

Highlighted the rocks. There are about five layers of
highlights on the rocks now.

Highlighted the leaves. I'm going to sleep on it, but I may
be calling this done. Of course I'll upload a better pic.

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